Project Description

Irish Water
Nicolas O'Dwyer
Woodbine Road & Glenomena Park & Grove, Rathfarnham

This was a dual phase project with site investigation undertaken to determine a new line for the new watermain and then once designed, to install the new service

Key Elements

  • Site investigation works in the form of slit trenches in both the footpath and carriageway to locate existing services and reinstatement of same
  • Carrying out the PSCS and PSDP role, procuring a designer to undertake the new watermain design
  • Submitting the design to Irish Water and gaining approval of same and liaising with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to agree the reinstatement works
  • Design and implementation of all temporary traffic management work, obtaining the road opening licence from DLRCC and obtaining T2 licences
  • Installation of 1.1km of new watermain by insertion into the existing main to avoid disturbing newly laid footpaths and the additional impacts on traffic
  • Installation of remaining 1.5km of watermain by open cut methods and reinstatement of trenches in footpaths and roadways of varying construction types
  • Carrying out all connections to dwellings along the route and liaising with residents and businesses to ensure continuity of supply during the works
  • Installation of all associated hydrants, valves and chambers required for the new line
  • Commissioning and testing of new watermain to IW standards