Project Description

BVK Highstreet Liffey Property Limited
Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

Works are being undertaken to realign the existing carriageway and carparks and create a new bus interchange along with driver's welfare facility

Key Elements

  • Design and implementation of temporary traffic management to maintain access to this busy shopping area for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users
  • Alterations to the existing road layout including new construction and reconstruction of existing carriageways
  • Installation of new services and upgrading of existing services
  • Construction and upgrading of the pedestrian and cyclist facilities in the area
  • Installation of a new ITS parking system linked to all carparks in the facility
  • Construction of a new bus interchange area
  • Construction and fit out of a new driver's welfare building
  • Hard and soft landscaping through the external of the centre
  • Working in a phased basis to ensure that the works do not unnecessarily disrupt the operation of the centre
  • Full new drainage system installation