Project Description

Kildare County Council
Leixlip Castle, Leixlip, Co. Kildare

Refurbishment of the existing stone masonry retaining wall structure along the bank of the River Rye at the entrance to Leixlip Castle.

Key Elements

  • Construction of a stone faced reinforced concrete retaining wall tying into existing stone masonry bridge including all temporary works
  • Installation of temporary flume pipes, construction of dams and river diversions and over pumping of the existing river
  • Construction of rock bund and filtering system within the river bed and regrading of the channel
  • Waterproofing, wall drainage and backfilling to the new structure
  • Construction of gabion wall retaining structure
  • Liaison with Inland Fisheries and utility providers to carry out the works
  • Reconstruction of the stone entrance to Leixlip Castle which was a listed structure